About F Is For Family

Set in 1973, Frank Murphy is a 42 year old husband and father of three. He works his ass off five days a week at the airport, managing the baggage department for Mohican Airways, a medium-sized regional airline. He fought in Korea and dreamed of being a pilot – a dream that was permanently deferred when he got his girlfriend Sue pregnant. Now 15 years later, he’s married to Sue and has three kids, Kevin, Bill and Maureen. The closest he gets to flying a plane is pulling luggage off it.

Frustrated with life, Frank’s a man with a deeply ingrained sense of what’s wrong and what’s right, and that sense gets a workout as Frank finds himself buffeted by winds of change that he doesn’t understand or like. He’s perpetually aggravated by his kids, his cool neighbor Vic, phone salesmen, his workplace, commercials on TV – you name it, Frank can’t stand it. In the end, Frank loves his family and he wouldn’t trade what he has for anything in the world... but he would listen to the offer.